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Each prosthesis is as unique as the individual using it.

We provide prosthetic solutions for individuals with every level of upper or lower extremity amputation.
Prosthetic technology is advancing rapidly. With the recent development of cutting edge socket designs, hundreds of materials, and dozens of manufacturers across the nation and around the world, it is impossible to list all of the options that are available to you. Let us help you choose a combination of the best design, materials, and componentry to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

Featured Lower Extremity Solutions:

  • Ischial Containment and Sub-ischial Socket designs
  • Elevated Vacuum Suspension
  • Microprocessor Knee Units
  • Dynamic Response and Multi-Axial Feet
  • Sport and Activity-Specific Designs

Featured Upper Extremity Solutions:

  • Cosmetic Restorations
  • Self-Suspending Designs
  • Myoelectric Control
  • Sport and Activity-Specific Designs